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The name,  puddle wonderful,  comes from an e. e. cummings poem about spring, a time of optimism,  energy and creativity,  “when the world is mud-luscious.”

In this spirit,  we formed puddle wonderful,  a company of two:  Robin and Beth Burnett.  We write music,  design sound,  shoot images,  create websites and produce videos.
To hear Beth’s music click sound. To see Robin’s work click image. To experience a meld click ploams

Although our works display a range of works, at our core we are fascinated by small, local goodies  –  the fffzzztpt of a match igniting, the meandering of a dot of cream in water.  And we delight in the interplay of sound + image; the combining of everyday sights and sounds (especially those that often go unnoticed) in new ways that evoke emotion and reveal hidden stories.

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