Serendipity, wait for it, make better

A lot of what I end up with as video clips or stills starts out by my flailing, failing, experimenting, pondering, pouring, mixing, staring, watching, hoping, trying.

After hours, sometimes days, of getting, frankly, crap, really really ugly, horrible, useless stuff ……. eventually, if I keep slogging, keep waiting for some hint of something to fend off my anxiety and sense of failure …. eventually I see something that is kinda cool. It usually is one tiny part of an otherwise sloppy morass of junk.

But it is something, the faintest of nibbles on my fishing line baited with hope. This is the moment of serendipity, enhanced by semi-educated guesses and more and more seat-of-pants experience. It falls on me at this moment to figure out what, fundamentally, I did that worked a bit, and to then clean up my act, remove all the extraneous, and make a simple clean version.

And you know what? Getting there is actually almost all of the fun.

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