Click here to go to my iStock portfolio where you will find ingredients for your visual concoctions. Choose from over 300 short abstract video clips.

Note: Some of the preview videos in iStock have a weird yellow, red, or green artifact – “they” are working on it, their problem (well, my problem too I guess), but rest assured the originals are artifact-free.

Here are a few video clips to whet your appetite.

(Click the image to see more biggerer or to license the clip. Hover over an image to preview the video. )

U Purple Critter with Paws Makes Itself AAA_0461U Blue World, Pink AtmosphereU Egg Yolk Action AAA_0134U In a Blue Liquid Cave AAA_0828U Brooding Kinetic OnionU Soft Focused Blue What AAA_0745U Ornate-Golden-Shield-Makes-Itself-in-Realtime AAA_4116U Roil, Sepia, RoilU Blue Chalice on its Side AAA_0632U Expanding Liquid Ice AAA_0450U bluevolts2U Delicate-fern-patterns-develop DSC_0280U    Expanding Blue Delicacy #1 karo1U sweetmilkU fall into a black voidU Blue Abstract Eye Dream